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Elijah Browning – Speech Therapy

We are writing this letter of appreciation to First Step, classroom 10, concerning our child, Elijah.

We just want to let you know how Elijah has progressed during the time we have had him. His speech is better. My husband and I can understand him better. He knows his ABC’s and numbers better as well as his colors. He is also catching onto word skills. He is listening to story time (I read to him every night).

We also noticed since he has been in First Step he has progressed tremendously in the few months that we have had him. We just want to thank the classroom 10 teachers and the school for keeping us up to date on Elijah’s progress. My husband and I wanted to give classroom 10 a pat on the back -WELL DONE – GOOD JOB – keep up the good work in being dedicated teachers and helping Elijah to grow.

– Mr. & Mrs. Browning