Notice to parents of consumers: Any delays or closures for bad weather will be announced on TV, this location, and First Step Arkansas Facebook/friends page.  If you have signed up for Alert Now, you will be notified on your phone. Just as soon as road conditions in the areas around our centers are checked out, the information will be promptly available.



Here to Improve Quality of Life

PaddleBallMost of us are affected to some degree by family members or friends who have some form of disability. First Step is here to help improve the quality of life in the community by helping those with developmental disabilities become more independent. Established in 1958, First Step is a place where children and adults with developmental disabilities receive developmental treatment and therapeutic service in a community setting.

Developmental Delays range from minor setbacks to severe problems. Our role is to help each person develop the skills and behavior necessary to take the critical first step toward a more fulfilling life style.


Discovering Your Options

KidsOnFloorWhere do you start when you discover your family member or someone else in your care might have developmental disabilities or delays?

Step 1: Caregiver contacts First Step to arrange an appointment. Refer to First Step locations page to find the First Step location that is closest to where you live.

Step 2: Meet with a member of the Referral Staff for an interview to discuss what type of developmental concerns you have. You will learn about the process for admission and what is required.

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