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Special Needs for Seth Plummer

I’m writing this letter in regards to my son, Seth Plummer.

He is currently in preschool in the main building at First Step. The care he gets is awesome. The ladies who work in this class are very special people. They treat my son and the other children as though they are their own children. They provide a calm environment that helps me as a parent, feel secure throughout the day in knowing he’s okay.

When Seth was first enrolled in First Step, I think it was more of a scary experience for me than him. It took him a while to adapt but the staff was always very open and sensitive to his needs. Due to a birth defect and frequent hospitalizations, he was behind in several areas.

The staff evaluated him and developed an individualized care plan. Then they sat down and discussed this with me. It took some time, but now Seth has met several of his goals and continues everyday to work toward others.

As a parent that comes to First Step on a daily basis, I’ve not only noticed my son’s improvement, but have noticed other children’s improvement also. I would like to say “thank you” for allowing my son the opportunity to attend this school. I also would like to say “thank you” to all the staff that has had interaction with my child and has helped him towards his goals.

– Emma Plummer