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Developmental Delays

What are Developmental Delays?

A developmental delay occurs when your child is delayed in achieving one or more of his or her milestones. This may affect speech and language, fine and gross motor skills, and/or personal and social skills.

About 4.5 million people in the United States have developmental disabilities, which are defined as severe, life-long disabilities attributed to mental and/or physical impairments and manifested before age 22.

Developmental disabilities result in substantial limitations in three or more of the following areas of major life activities:

  • The ability to live independently
  • The ability to achieve economic self-sufficiency
  • The ability to learn
  • The ability to be mobile
  • The ability to understand and express language
  • The ability to care for one’s self
  • The ability to accomplish self-direction

Without the right services and supports, the choices open to your child—including where he or she will live, play, and eventually work—are few.

He or she will be isolated rather than fully integrated and included in the mainstream of society. However, with individually planned and coordinated services and supports (for example, those involving health care, education, housing, employment, and civil and human rights protection) from many providers in the community, you can ensure the highest quality of life possible for your child and your family.

Making a call to First Step is the best possible step you can take in that direction.

Here are some of the most common conditions involving developmental delays and disabilities:

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