Developmental Treatment Services for Young Children

Developmental Treatment Services at First Step

Whether it’s developmental delays or any of a number of other developmental concerns, the Developmental Treatment Services program at First Step helps families find the right answers for their children. Upon referral from your child’s physician, our staff can evaluate your child’s skills and strengths to help determine the best path for his or her future.

The First Step Developmental Treatment Services for Children focuses on getting your preschooler ready for school. We teach your child basic skills and offer the special attention essential for paving the way to a successful venture into the public school setting.

Upon the referral of your child’s physician, our staff will evaluate your child’s skills and strengths, identify goals and needs, and then chart a fun and exciting course toward success.

We use creative strategies and professional expertise to work alongside each child, encouraging him or her to develop a sense of pride and accomplishment—something that sometimes can be difficult for children with developmental delays to reach on their own.

At First Step, there are no failures or disappointments. It’s just your child, working hard to become his or her best.

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