Christopher Downie’s Progess Impressive

Dear Pam:

At this time we wish to express to our sincere thanks and gratitude for the caring support Mrs. Thomas, her staff and their aids have shown our son Christopher over the last 14 years.

In his second year with the older school age group, he appears to enjoy school and seems to be happy in his new surroundings. He is always in a pleasant mood when we pick him up in the afternoons and he is ready to go each morning. It is also seen in the faces of the other students when we arrive at school each day.

Chris’ progress in spelling and speech has been especially impressive. He continues to improve and we are happy with his achievements. “Mr. Mike” has done a great job with him this year. We realize how difficult it can be at times, but when they are faced with the everyday stress of handling the special needs of the children, your staff seems to react in a professional, caring manner.

As parents, we feel that we are truly blessed to have an organization such as First Step to come to our aid and provide the professional personnel facilities that are needed for our special children.

Again, thank you and your fine staff for the job they are doing at First Step. I’m sure I speak for the other parents as well, when we say we appreciate you and your organization.

– George and Linda Downie