A Parent Shares

A Thankful Mom

My 5 year old son, Eli Brizendine (pictured right), has been a student at First Step for just about a year now. He has always has been an extremely joyful child, but a little reserved around kids his age. Since starting at First Step, he has truly blossomed! He has gained so much confidence with all the positivity he’s surrounded by in class and with his therapists. He has made amazing strides with his developmental delay. A lot people couldn’t make out what Eli was trying to say before and now he can hold conversations with most people, and he sure loves talking to everyone! His physical and occupational delays are improving greatly as well. Our family is truly thankful for the loving environment and care provided to our boy by all of the staff at First Step, and can’t wait to see more great things happen for him in the next year!

~Kati Brizendine, Eli’s mom