A Grandmother Shares

                         A Grandmother’s Love

My grandson was 18 months old when he began therapy at First Step. He had been diagnosed with cerebral palsy due to premature birth. At this point he was at a 0 month level, his right hand was atrophied and he basically had little or no movement. He has been receiving therapy for almost a year and has dramatically improved. He can move all of his limbs, he can roll over, lift his head and hold it up. He is vocal now and tries to communicate, he is socially active and loves attention! He can reach for us now when he wants cuddles! I cannot sing the praises enough for the therapists and teachers at First Step. He is now at the level of a 7 or 8 month old. They showed us ways to help him at home and they even helped us get special equipment for him, and most of all Rhys loves them! He is always smiling and laughing with them! I do not hesitate to leave him with them because I know he is loved there. First Step has the most friendly, caring and loving staff you could wish for. We also have a three year old grandson receiving services and he has shown great improvement too.  Our granddaughter, who is five years old now, attended First Step for three years and just blossomed with their help and is no longer in need of any special services.

~Nancy Hazelwood, Grandparent