Hard Work Pays Off

Hard Work Pays Off

Rolling into work on his bicycle, Chian Gibson is ahead of schedule. He began work at Weldon’s Meat Market in Hot Springs in June 2018. The owner, Tom Starnes, stated, “Chian is very punctual. You don’t have to worry about him being here. For someone riding a bike, that’s saying something.”

Experiencing just a few learning curves, Chian is becoming a fine cook. Clint, his co-worker, said “He’s gone from hardly knowing anything to a really good worker. He reads recipes now. He comes in with a great attitude. He gets his groove going and is one of the faster workers.”

Tom said “He’s opened up. He was this quiet, little meek person, didn’t say anything. Now he’ll cut up and carry on. He’s quicker. He’s so willing to learn. Perfect? No, but he’s getting there.”

Weldon’s also offers up a variety of prepared casseroles and desserts. Chian prepares a number of those dishes including chicken spaghetti, his favorite. Tom said that’s his specialty. “He can make chicken spaghetti pretty awesome.” Chian keeps up with stock, needed ingredients grocery list, keeps a sanitary workspace and has learned to operate and reload the ticket machine.

Besides enjoying the work, Chian loves and is proud of being able to pay his bills on time and save some money. Keep up the good work, Chian. We like being able to brag on you!