A Grandmother Writes

A Grandmother writes…

Tears spring to my eyes when I think of how much progress Avery has made, since entering First Step. She started at First Step after she was diagnosed with autism at three years old. Her problems included sensory issues, communication difficulties, and behavior problems.

   In the last two years, after very caring teachers, occupational therapy three times a week, speech therapy three times a week combined with high expectations, she has blossomed. She now smiles, laughs, greets everyone with a “Hi,” and sings happily through most of her day. But, the best part is that she is happy! First Step began by teaching her to make better eye contact, speak to everyone, and use walking feet.

   Her first classroom had to deal with some manipulative behaviors. Those were overcome with consistency and time. She thrived in a positive and nurturing environment at the school. Everyone seemed to know and speak to her. That provided her a way to practice through the consistent role modeling.

     The classroom she moved up to provided her with an environment more like kindergarten. She is required to sit at a table and circle time, which will provide practice for next year.

     I could write a page about each teacher she has encountered. First of all, they go above and beyond in every way. A big thank you to Ms. Tess, Ms. Julie, Ms. Paula, Ms. Tiffany, Ms. Amber and so many others from the directors to excellent class assistants. Some of her teachers have come to doctor appointments, gymnastics and her birthday party. They are always professional, friendly, amazing, and upbeat, but most of all they guide her to make good choices. This has offered opportunities for Avery to be successful, self-confident and happy.          

                                               ~Sheryl Morris, Avery’s Grandmother