Art Ajar

Art Ajar Program at First Step

“Seeing people for their abilities, not their disabilities.”

Individual Artistic Resources

Art unleashes creativity and self-expression, so it is an ideal way for people with disabilities to express themselves. Adults in the First Step Hot Springs Treatment Program have the unique opportunity to participate in an art program designed to do just that.

Called Art Ajar, this overwhelmingly successful program taps into the rich artistic resources of the many professional artists and gallery owners who live and work in and around Hot Springs.

Many of the pieces of artwork produced by our adults have been displayed for sale at local art galleries and other venues.

The Program not only provides those with disabilities a valuable means of expression, but it also instills confidence in learning new skills and an awareness of being productive members of the community.

The Art Ajar program also includes music, fabric weaving, crafts and other artistic forms of expression.

Hot Springs Area Cultural Alliance

007The Art AJAR Program was approached by Kate Schaffer on the Hot Springs Area Cultural Alliance and asked if we would like to host Mr. Bramblitt’s  workshop “the Bramblitt Workshop” which is part of the May Art in the Park event in Hot Springs. Our Adult Clients in our Art AJAR workshop welcomed Mr. Bramblitt with open arms and with much enthusiasm and the workshop went off without a hitch. Our clients were blown away to learn that Mr. Bramblitt was blind and still able to create amazing pieces of art using other senses rather than sight. A big part of what we do at First Step is to help our clients find creative ways to be as independent as possible, which is what Mr. Bramblitt brilliantly did not only for our client during our workshop, but for himself throughout his life. Mr. Bramblitt was presented with an original art piece created by one of our adult clients in Art AJAR Program as a thank you for his time and the gifts he shared with our clients. First Step looks forward to following Mr. Bramblitt’s amazing career, and hopes to expand our relationship with the Hot Springs Area Cultural Alliance.

Click here to see more of Mr. Bramblitt’s art.